Materials and Certificates

For our products we are using only the primary polymeric materials whose quality is confirmed by the corresponding certificates.

In film production process we avoid the deliberate reduction of its thickness. Our film thickness variation, and hence the finished product does not exceed the rate allowed by applicable state standards and is of the + / - 10% of the declared.


 Our products are made on the basis of technical specifications and a hygienic certificate.


We work with the following polymeric materials:

1. Polyethylene.

This is the most widely-distributed material. Among his merits as a film material include ease of processing, frost resistance, heat resistance, resistance to stretching and compression, impact and rupture. The films made of polyethylene are soft and flexible, easily welded by heat. According the current regulatory documents weld rupture strength in the polyethylene film products should be 60-70% of the original film strength. Polyethylene is approved for food contact. This material is absolutely harmless for human health.

Our company produces all types of polyethylene covers with a thickness from 50 to 250 microns. It should be noted that for our products, we are using only a single-layer polyethylene film. Compound 3 and 5-layer film are not popular in the production of covers. The production of multilayer films is high marginal. Many of the characteristics of multilayer films, such as high barrier properties, exceptional heat shrinkage, are not in demand for such products as cover. Consequently, the cover made from the multilayer films will always lose in the price to single-layer cover for the same consumer characteristics.

2. Polypropylene.

Films of polypropylene have similar properties as the films of polyethylene. The difference lies in the exceptional transparency, the effect of the gloss presence, surface hardness greater, the greater rigidity of polypropylene films. Our company uses uniaxial oriented polypropylene films (PP and Sast Blown PP) mainly for the final packaging. Covers made from the polypropylene film are not in demand on Ukrainian market, in contrast to the markets of some other countries, although recently, this segment has started to evolve and we produce covers and polypropylene for this kind of product in order to meet the market demand.

Similarly, polyethylene, polypropylene is completely harmless to human health.

It should be noted that the production capacity of our company can manufacture biodegradable polythene and polypropylene films and their products. However, studies have shown that the high cost of such products eliminates all sorts of market prospects, at least now.

 3. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

PVC has unique properties, as evidenced by wide field of application. With the help of different additives film materials with different physical and mechanical properties and surface texture can be obtained from PVC. For the production of covers it is important that the specific density of the films of PVC is 1.5 times higher specific density of the films of polyethylene and polypropylene (1.4 units to 0.92 units). PVC films are resistant to mechanical stress, have a high water-repellent properties. Special equipment and tooling is needed for the reprocessing of PVC. The relative cost of PVC products is higher than the cost of polyethylene and polypropylene production with best consumer characteristics that defines the scope of PVC covers application as covers for both long-term and heavy use.

Our company produces all types of school covers and covers for documents from the PVC film with a thickness from 80 to 250 microns. PVC film is absolutely harmless to human health and permitted for food contact.

 4. New materials.

Our company examines the possibility and expediency of load market with covers made from new materials. For example, the materials, which combine the properties of rubber and plastic, tissue and plastic, etc.